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What are the Most Popular Online Poker Games?

Here we are about to give you the list of the most popular online poker games that are multifaceted and wide reaching. Literally, there are hundreds of variations played by poker lovers such as Crazy Pineapple, HORSE, Chicago, Chinese, Pot-Limit Omaha, Badugi, Open-Face Chinese, Guts, Texas Hold’em, etc.

It is really challenging to find out the most popular ones among the famous poker games played online these days. Still, we have tried to make a list, simply based on the popularity. Take a look.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is popularly known as the high-action poker and you may have seen it mostly in the movies or on TVs. This is a power pack of full of action and strategies. Playing with the five exposed community cards and two hidden hole cards is a pretty challenging step for many dedicated souls of this poker. If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend you to research more on the Texas Hold’em in good articles and demos that cater simple rules and understanding for beginners to learn how to implement the skills during the game. Gradually, you can develop to be a master strategist to contend experts.


Omaha is growing its popularity faster than ever. The gaming rules and structure of Omaha is pretty similar to the Texas Hold’em poker with one major twist. There are two hole cards in the Texas Hold’em while in Omaha poker there are four hole cards though players can use the only two (check the game rules). For your information, Pot-Limit Omaha is one of the most popular Omaha pokers, betted online.


Short-handed is one of the most challenging and popular pokers that is mainly played in a six-handed table with a maximum numbers of four to five players. This is pretty tougher and action oriented than a table of nine to ten players. This entertaining poker is often chosen for tournaments and cash games.


This is considered to be the purest forms of the game. Hand-up is a one-on-one contest where a contestant wins and the other loses. This is actually played in a sit and go style through various tables. This is played as cash games and also chosen for the shootout tournaments.

Pot-Limit or Limit

These are very interesting as well as popular poker games online because it’s impossible to lose all your stack unless you have a very small one with which you are betting. The limit games are also available for tournaments and cash games.


Sit & Go

Players looking forward to short but popular poker tournaments, often choose Sit & Go. This is played on one and more than one tables. People enjoy this quick and time-saving game a lot because it starts as soon as another contender signs up.

Multi-Table Tournament

The MTT take more time than the Sit & Goes because it never starts until and unless other players sign up. Usually, the tournaments are organized online among 20 players. The prizes are of course better than the Sit & Goes and somewhat the amount reaches around 50,000.

What Are Casino Bonuses And How Do They Work?

When thinking of joining an online casino, one of the things to pay close attention to is the bonus it offers. However, there is not only one type of bonus the casino may offer, but quite a range and before signing up, being aware and knowing how they work is necessary. This article will present to you the different kinds of bonuses online gambling websites generally offer in order for you to have a better understanding and knowledge of how to handle them.

Free cash bonus

The most common known bonus is the “no deposit” one, also known as free cash bonus. This refers to the money a casino gives you to start playing. However, they can get a bit tricky. It might be a bit harder accessing this money than you might have thought. Withdrawals usually can be made after you have reached a certain sum, which can be a lot greater than the initial bonus the casino made available to you. Wagers are quite important in the casino world and knowing their value before jumping into play is very important.

First deposit bonus

The second type of bonuses is the “first deposit” one. They’re a bit sneaky, but very important to understand before using them. A first deposit bonus refers to receiving a bonus after your first deposit. Nothing difficult until now. The complicated part is when wagers come into play. Let’s say your deposit is of 10$ and the bonus is of 50$; the casino might use a 10 times wager meaning you will not be able to access your money until you have reached 600$ (10 + 50=60 x 10=600). The last thing you want to do is dive head first in waters full of not-cashing-out-your-money piranhas. You want to know what you are getting into before using them.

Ongoing bonus

There are ongoing bonuses too. These refer to receiving bonuses after multiple deposits. Usually there is not a big difference between these and the “first deposit” one when it comes to terms and conditions. However, there may be some new wager coming into hand before being able to cash out. Also, they might also be greater than the previous ones, which is not a good thing unless you are on a winning streak. In that case, rock on! You are a step closer to being able to cash out your money.

Special bonus

The special bonuses are the last kind of bonuses you should have heard about. They are often received by using a casino’s preferred payment method (receiving a certain percent from the funds you withdraw as bonus) or by betting at the same game for a certain amount of times (e.g. slots).The rules these bonuses go by are not very different from the other, but wagers might vary.

Now that you know what kind of bonuses the online gambling world deals with, you are safer and more adequate when it comes to knowing how to handle them. You will be more rational when choosing to use or not use a bonus, when first depositing or withdrawing money.